What is a fresh 48 session?

A Fresh 48 is a photography session that takes place right after the baby is born while you are still in the hospital. At first thought you might think: why would I want to schedule a session at the hospital? But, here's why I think it's a great option:

Capture the Newborn Stage:

This is truly an incredibly special and fleeting time. Your time in the hospital can feel like a whirlwind and that's there not much time for a photo session. But, it only takes about about hour and I think it really is a perfect time to capture the baby when they are *literally* brand new.

Document the First Moments:

These sessions provide an opportunity to document the first interactions between the baby and family members - especially siblings. How special would it be to have the first time that the baby meets their big siblings captured?!

Natural and Candid:

Fresh 48 sessions aim to capture the natural moments that occur in the hospital without (a lot of) posing. This results in authentic and candid images that reflect the true essence of those early days, which includes a lot of cuddling.

Minimal Preparation:

Unlike traditional newborn photography sessions that may require planning and preparation, Fresh 48 sessions are typically low-key and require minimal preparation.

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